Beauty: Review The Balm lippies

Maybe you already guessed it, but lip products are probably my number one purchased beauty product. I just like to switch it up some times and a new colour on your lips is so easy to add some spunk to your whole outfit! When I saw the ongoing sale on The Balm cosmetics products in the drugstore Di All about beauty, I just couldn’t resist to try out some lippies:


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Beauty: Review Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

A weekend blogpost: not what you are used from me! But lately I’m having so much inspiration for new posts and I really felt like writing an extra review today. I have been trying out the ‘Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet’ in the colour 20 ‘poppy days’ for about two weeks now and let me tell you what I think:


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Beauty: All about Eve Conceptstore

When you are younger, you just want to have as much stuff as you can get with your hard-earned money. As I’m getting older (and wiser), I’m starting to realize that it is important not just to buy a trend product, but to invest in a product with a story. It is much more meaningful to know where your products come from, to know the story behind them, not to say better for the environment. Vegan, cruelty- free, durable,… you call it and ‘All about Eve‘ ticks all the boxes. Want to know more about this brand new Belgian store? Keep on reading…


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MADARA Face Scrub

Sunday is funday, and what I like to do on my Sunday is to take it easy. Working on my blog, watching some tv,… in one word: relax. It’s the one day of the week where I can charge up for the week which is to come. It’s also the only day where I can enjoy a full skincare routine. I put on some spa-music and take out my favourite products. Since this morning I have a new item on this list: the MADARA Face Scrub. Let me tell you why:


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O so “Lovely” nails!

Hello my dear readers! So sorry that it’s again a later post this week, but my school schedule was quite hectic this week. But with this post, I’ll definitely make it up to you! Because you’ll get to know how my nails always look so beautiful manicured!


So happy with my beautiful nails by Lovelynailsz! ❤

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It’s a Lush Life: GIVEAWAY!

You’re in for a treat this week all you gorgeous people! Two flies in one hit: another blogpost this week AND it’s a giveaway! Whoo-hoo!

Have you heard of the amazing brand Lush already? In this blogpost I’ll be introducing it to you and you’ll be able to win the amazing Lush gift box ‘Hello Gorgeous‘ that we chose for all you gorgeous people out there! For this giveaway I’ve teamed up with two other wonderful Belgian bloggers: Elien from Little Louvain and Ellen Depeyper from Fashelle by Ellen. Bloggers must stick together and bundle their forces. Be sure to check out their pages!


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