Outfit: It’s all about the details – Disenyo jewelry

After a month of not posting regularly, I’m back! I needed to focus on school for some time. Monday I finished my last exam (which luckily went well) and now I have a moment to breath. However, some of you are still struggling with that study material and although it might not been the first thing on your mind… What do you wear to your exam? Read on if you’d like some inspiration:


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Chokers are SO fetch!

You can’t look past the choker nowadays. Is it a bygone trend from the nineties? Is the fashion industry going through an emo period? No, the choker is back, better than ever. After some months of wait-and-see, I decided to go with the flow and purchase a choker. What finally pushed me over the line? “Chokers are so fetch“!


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